January 30, 2019 | Darwins Fatal Flaw | No Comments

To sell the myth that Darwinism is reasonable, Marxist professors love to con their students by arguing that the random turns of a spinning combination lock will eventually unlock the safe. Of course, like all Marxists, they have no problem wasting life’s resources, borrowing unlimited time and energy to finance this marxist nonsense that chaos alone has the inherent power to (endogenously) unlock the safe, thereby “proving” Darwinism is a scientific fact – but they are the blind leading the blind. 

For do you see the reader that the blind professor does not see? 

Within the tumbler mechanism is the reader which reads, senses, and recognizes a predetermined inherent unlocking sequence placed there (exogenously) by an Intelligence. So if one takes away the reader within the tumbler’s mechanism, and then ask yourself, how long before this Darwinian safe will open? The answer is never, even when given the wasteful amounts of time as promoted by the Marxists. The safe has no ability to know or understand what to do with the spins – so again Darwinism and Marxism are nothing but what God has called a “lying vanity”. 

No readers – No unlocking mechanism – No hope for Darwinism. 

Exogenous order is both reasonable and experimentally provable – Endogenous ordering is neither reasonable nor experimentally provable.

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