January 30, 2019 | Darwin and Dathan | No Comments

Darwinists believe that dead lifeless matter had the ability to see and plan how to build itself into life, knowing that when it began to live that death would be given life too – so this dead thoughtless planner had to figure a way to survive before death would take it. Building within itself a complex copy machine to replicate itself before running down. It would have to know, see and plan what type of fuel or food was available so this dead thoughtless planner, could build a digestive system to appropriate the right kind of fuel that eventually would energize it’s hopeful coming up into life. Creating in itself a language of codes, with readers able to decode, then execute these commands in itself for self- auto-organization unto the next cycle of regeneration. 

This is Darwinian ink writing a book that hopes an unrecognized reader will be present to recognize its worth.

So is this nonsense a reasonable bet to wager your life upon?

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