January 30, 2019 | Darwins Fatal Flaw | No Comments

Inherent order brings another problem in that they lock the order from reversing – which is an obvious deception – for all proteins are reversible. The evolutionists always want energy to create but never to destroy, to cook but not burn. Even DNA, (Deoxyribonucleic acid) which stores all the information in you must be protected from oxygen, for an oxidizing agent will destroy this molecule of life if present. 

So Darwinists can only allow for a positive upward and inherent (endogenous) force, and therefore the omission of the Second Law of Thermodynamics prior to life must be rejected – for this Law states that all energy and order are running down. One can observe this Law operating in a glass, mixed with ice and hot water, where the two run down to a uniform heat death. Darwinists omit this Law in order to reverse this process thinking one can evolve the ice and hot water (so to speak) bringing life from lifeless matter. But why don’t they believe their theory when life’s machine dies – when all the existing order and chemistry is present? You know the answer – decay activates the moment the code cannot be read, reversing any order back into dust? Therefore the codes and their readers are evidence of supernatural, intentional preservation, keeping livings systems temporarily insulated in a state much like the ice and hot water. 

Huxley is dead and rots. Darwin is dead and rots. Jesus died for you but is alive forever more. So whose words have the power over life and death – those who death conquered or the one who conquered death for you? 

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