February 7, 2019 | Darwins Fatal Flaw | No Comments

Another problem is that Huxley had to introduce a machine such as a typewriter which is deceptive thinking again, for the materialists think that matter has the same inherent properties as is designed into any finely tuned simplex machine such as Huxley’s legendary typewriter – but matter does not have these attributes. So Huxley’s argument again is using inherent order already in existence due to Intelligence – not chance. To illustrate this point: Give Huxley’s monkeys a Darwinian box that does not allow any outside Intelligence onto the matter within. Then add the elements of a disassembled typewriter into this box and let the monkeys (or even Richard Dawkins) start turning the box over and over to assemble this machine of Inherent order – then ask yourself these questions… 

Will the chaotic turns inside the box generate or destroy any existing order? 

What is the reasonable expectation we can be predicted with experimental certainty every time? 

We all know the answers to these questions. Random collisions of socialize interactions will ruin the individuality of those elements within the box – which is what Marxism promotes. And every student, every society held within the paradigm of the Darwinian box are destroyed as any distinctive part would be as well. Their unique contribution or potential benefit in society is ruined in the collisions of Darwinian chaos. Anyone knows it is impossible for endogenous assembly to occur – for chaos destroys order – so Darwinism destroys any inherent order in a person’s worth, promoting a societal chaos which must be judged as corrupt. All based on the Darwinian myth that chaos is our author. 

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