February 8, 2019 | Darwins Fatal Flaw | No Comments

But let’s not be too hasty here.

Let’s give poor old Huxley and the Darwinists a real advantage by swamping out Huxley’s six eternal monkeys for an infinite number of eternal Richard Dawkins – only this time, let’s turn off the lights so nothing can be read. Now let them type away in all their brilliant rants – but will anything happen? You know the answer can only be – absolutely nothing! For with the lights off, and no reader can interact in what is written, with no sense to recognize and react (which is the evidence of life being present) there is no reason or science that can be attached to Darwinism or to Dawkin’s worthless contribution – the theory is nothing more than a great con job maintained by the custodians of Marxism. 

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