About Jim Johnston

A Passion for Visual Eloquence is the key to unlocking the power behind any successful marketing strategy. From these early years and throughout my career, the value of communicating with others using the power of design and imaging were continually explored to more complex levels and expressions. Then in 1972….

Preparation met Opportunity – in my Sophomore year of high school, when at the age of 16, upon reviewing my portfolio. I became the first and only News Illustrator ever hired by the Palm Beach Post Newspaper without the required college education or art degree. Upon graduating high school, I then became a full-time News Illustrator and for the next 7 years, I was given a unique opportunity to excel in those visual communication skills using Illustration, cartooning, photography and in the fine arts as well. Years later came the critical need of understanding image preservation and reproduction with skills of color balancing, digital retouching and Prepress.

A Unique Collection of Opportunities and skills – led to the starting my own company, ImageBlast Inc. in July of 2002. During this time my company has served the publishing, marketing and advertising needs for clients like: Nicklaus Golf Equipment, Costco stores, Sports Authority Stores, and many local businesses in Palm Beach county area. My work extends worldwide and even appears in the hit movie, “Men in Black”.