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February 8, 2019 | Darwin and Dathan | No Comments

What else can one learn from Huxley’s fatal blindness? Well do not all readers require a “language convention” in order to recognize the thoughts attached to those symbols being written? For example, It would of been a far simpler task, expending less time, energy and fuel, had Huxley’s monkeys just simply typed out “SOS” or even using two other keys which symbols express the same meaning, that is “…—…” but… since Morris code was not invented for another 45 years, the Huxleyan reader could not recognize (with intelligence) that any information was there to act upon in this simple set of sequences. So naturally, no life or response could come forth, because no Intelligence or convention was attached to match these symbols to meaning. Therefore even in the simplest of sequences, Intelligence is obviously required – and so Huxley himself, as anyone can now see, merely proved Darwinism is dead without a very well-informed reader present. 

It is fascinating to me how the rebellion to embrace Darwinism is a willful blindness, that ironically keeps them from evolving out of Huxley’s fatal assumption. For what is more complex? The book or the one who reads and reacts to the book? The DVD disk or the player that reads and reacts to the disk? Life is always in the reading of the written – so it a very dangerous wager to reject the Intelligence who wrote you into existence. Information screams Intelligence and you are it’s reader – so be careful how you read and react to this information, we must judge as we will be judged. 

“Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.” – Psalm 100:3 


January 30, 2019 | Darwin and Dathan | No Comments

Darwinists believe that dead lifeless matter had the ability to see and plan how to build itself into life, knowing that when it began to live that death would be given life too – so this dead thoughtless planner had to figure a way to survive before death would take it. Building within itself a complex copy machine to replicate itself before running down. It would have to know, see and plan what type of fuel or food was available so this dead thoughtless planner, could build a digestive system to appropriate the right kind of fuel that eventually would energize it’s hopeful coming up into life. Creating in itself a language of codes, with readers able to decode, then execute these commands in itself for self- auto-organization unto the next cycle of regeneration. 

This is Darwinian ink writing a book that hopes an unrecognized reader will be present to recognize its worth.

So is this nonsense a reasonable bet to wager your life upon?