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Darwin’s Fatal Flaw

February 9, 2019 | Darwins Fatal Flaw | No Comments


On June 30th 1860, just seven months after the publication of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”, there was a debate at Oxford University between Thomas Huxley and Samuel Wiberforce on this very question regarding the origin of information. The debate was if God was really needed to explain life’s origins, or could mere chance (the unguided forces on matter in a chaotic series of collisions) become the new reason to explain our existence. And on the surface, it appears that Huxley won the impossible, where he used for his argument a set of six eternal monkeys who, (given the time and energy) were able type out in a rebellious mocking, the first verse of the 23rd Psalm. Huxley supposedly won the debate, and Darwinism is now the rage of the heathen – God lost the debate, the Cat was deemed a myth, and so the mice can now play. Or so they make a fool’s wager.

So where is the fatal error in Huxley’s argument?


Huxley won his argument not because randomness created information – for it cannot as you shall see, but because an unrecognized reader was present and purposed to recognize and discern meaning – in this case he used himself as the reader, and thus exposing the fatal error in Darwinism. For if one takes away the reader which is Intelligently recognizing information – how then can any order or information be recognized? Without keeping this unrecognized Huxleyan Reader present, the entire structure of Darwinian reason falls from just this single stone sunk deep into the giant’s Huxleyan head. Darwinism is dead and they are deceived, blinded to the dire implications that will follow in future posts. more to come…


February 8, 2019 | Darwins Fatal Flaw | No Comments

But let’s not be too hasty here.

Let’s give poor old Huxley and the Darwinists a real advantage by swamping out Huxley’s six eternal monkeys for an infinite number of eternal Richard Dawkins – only this time, let’s turn off the lights so nothing can be read. Now let them type away in all their brilliant rants – but will anything happen? You know the answer can only be – absolutely nothing! For with the lights off, and no reader can interact in what is written, with no sense to recognize and react (which is the evidence of life being present) there is no reason or science that can be attached to Darwinism or to Dawkin’s worthless contribution – the theory is nothing more than a great con job maintained by the custodians of Marxism. 


February 7, 2019 | Darwins Fatal Flaw | No Comments

Another problem is that Huxley had to introduce a machine such as a typewriter which is deceptive thinking again, for the materialists think that matter has the same inherent properties as is designed into any finely tuned simplex machine such as Huxley’s legendary typewriter – but matter does not have these attributes. So Huxley’s argument again is using inherent order already in existence due to Intelligence – not chance. To illustrate this point: Give Huxley’s monkeys a Darwinian box that does not allow any outside Intelligence onto the matter within. Then add the elements of a disassembled typewriter into this box and let the monkeys (or even Richard Dawkins) start turning the box over and over to assemble this machine of Inherent order – then ask yourself these questions… 

Will the chaotic turns inside the box generate or destroy any existing order? 

What is the reasonable expectation we can be predicted with experimental certainty every time? 

We all know the answers to these questions. Random collisions of socialize interactions will ruin the individuality of those elements within the box – which is what Marxism promotes. And every student, every society held within the paradigm of the Darwinian box are destroyed as any distinctive part would be as well. Their unique contribution or potential benefit in society is ruined in the collisions of Darwinian chaos. Anyone knows it is impossible for endogenous assembly to occur – for chaos destroys order – so Darwinism destroys any inherent order in a person’s worth, promoting a societal chaos which must be judged as corrupt. All based on the Darwinian myth that chaos is our author. 


January 30, 2019 | Darwins Fatal Flaw | No Comments

To sell the myth that Darwinism is reasonable, Marxist professors love to con their students by arguing that the random turns of a spinning combination lock will eventually unlock the safe. Of course, like all Marxists, they have no problem wasting life’s resources, borrowing unlimited time and energy to finance this marxist nonsense that chaos alone has the inherent power to (endogenously) unlock the safe, thereby “proving” Darwinism is a scientific fact – but they are the blind leading the blind. 

For do you see the reader that the blind professor does not see? 

Within the tumbler mechanism is the reader which reads, senses, and recognizes a predetermined inherent unlocking sequence placed there (exogenously) by an Intelligence. So if one takes away the reader within the tumbler’s mechanism, and then ask yourself, how long before this Darwinian safe will open? The answer is never, even when given the wasteful amounts of time as promoted by the Marxists. The safe has no ability to know or understand what to do with the spins – so again Darwinism and Marxism are nothing but what God has called a “lying vanity”. 

No readers – No unlocking mechanism – No hope for Darwinism. 

Exogenous order is both reasonable and experimentally provable – Endogenous ordering is neither reasonable nor experimentally provable.


January 30, 2019 | Darwins Fatal Flaw | No Comments

Inherent order brings another problem in that they lock the order from reversing – which is an obvious deception – for all proteins are reversible. The evolutionists always want energy to create but never to destroy, to cook but not burn. Even DNA, (Deoxyribonucleic acid) which stores all the information in you must be protected from oxygen, for an oxidizing agent will destroy this molecule of life if present. 

So Darwinists can only allow for a positive upward and inherent (endogenous) force, and therefore the omission of the Second Law of Thermodynamics prior to life must be rejected – for this Law states that all energy and order are running down. One can observe this Law operating in a glass, mixed with ice and hot water, where the two run down to a uniform heat death. Darwinists omit this Law in order to reverse this process thinking one can evolve the ice and hot water (so to speak) bringing life from lifeless matter. But why don’t they believe their theory when life’s machine dies – when all the existing order and chemistry is present? You know the answer – decay activates the moment the code cannot be read, reversing any order back into dust? Therefore the codes and their readers are evidence of supernatural, intentional preservation, keeping livings systems temporarily insulated in a state much like the ice and hot water. 

Huxley is dead and rots. Darwin is dead and rots. Jesus died for you but is alive forever more. So whose words have the power over life and death – those who death conquered or the one who conquered death for you?