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Retouching versus Image Detailing

Nothing cheapens a image or product more than to hear the comment “it looks retouched.” The Image Detailing services of ImageBlast are about “Making our visibles invisible” – that is, preserving and blasting every detail hidden within the RGB channels. In the sample provided below, the pixel information in the original was using colors too hot for CMYK printing; the second image is where retouching was applied without preserving the information in these hot colors, and critical details were lost; but with Image Detailing, the details are not only preserved but enhanced. Image Detailing is about unlocking the color and details within an image – its not about destroying the image or product’s potential for sales and marketing. This is ImageBlast. 

Original RGB image

Typical Retouching 

Image Detailing

Looks can be deceiving and costly

Both images of a standard CMYK proof may appear identical, but beware signing off on images with 3-color neutrals – for they spell disaster when on press. ImageBlast take the conversion over to CMYK one step further – by moving these neutrals (including the shadows) over to the K plate. TIP: Before sending out any proofs, request your printer to provide with just a proof of the Black plate – if it looks like the image on the left, there’s a problem.

INCORRECT: Typical RGB to CMYK Profile Conversion – where the neutrals live only in the CMY – including the soft shadow effects. A very dangerous and costly mistake.

CORRECT: All CMYK Neutrals are stored on the K (black) plate alone. Now, no contamination from the CMY to the neutrals are possible – saving you time, frustration and money.

Blast Your Flat Images with Color and Detail

In comparing these two sets of images, which ones blast the color and detail up to your eye? It is worth noting, all these are coming from CMYK comparison – but the more explosive in detail and color are also a perfect match to the actual products. If the channels blast with information so will your printing – bring the best out for all your marketing needs. ImageBlast understands to how launch your images to eye-pleasing results. So you be the judge – which will bring more power to your printed images?

Another level of Image Detailing

Fashion Detailing is a whole new level for consideration – in smoothing an uncomely wrinkle while preserving the texture and patterns, along with restoring the natural lighting and shadows. It offers the greatest challenges and rewards to those who detail and manage images at this level. This is ImageBlast.